July 22nd & 26th 2024 Flash Technique Webinar for UK & Europe (English)


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Flash Technique Webinar- Two Part Series

Monday, July 22nd 5:00-8:15pm BST (Live Session)

 Friday, July 26th 5:00-8:15pm BST (Live Session)
Presenters: Philip Manfield, Ph.D. and Lewis Engel, Ph.D.

The cost is £100 if you do not need CPD credits and £110 if you do. **6 CPD credits can be earned only by watching the webinar live and taking a quiz.

Everyone who registers will receive access to the webinar recording to watch at their convenience for one month following the live presentation. Don’t want to wait until this webinar? After you register, you will receive access to the recording of the most recent webinar to view immediately in the meantime!

Please note: there will be no refunds for registrations made within two weeks of the webinar.

This training will be held in English.  For our Italian trainings, please visit https://studioquintopiano.it/

The Flash Technique, originally developed for the preparation phase of EMDR, is now evidence-based and can be used outside of EMDR by trauma-trained clinicians. This intervention allows clients to reduce the disturbance associated with extremely painful memories with relatively little pain. Publications in peer-reviewed journals have documented its use with earthquake victims, health care providers working with COVID-19 patients, dissociative identity disorder, highly dissociative homeless men, motor vehicle accidents, and complaints of traumatic life events.

Many new research studies are supporting the underlying principle of Flash, that focusing on a trauma or phobia consciously is significantly less effective than processing without conscious awareness of exposure to the trauma. Defenses that are normally obstacles to processing do not get activated, so the technique is especially helpful for clients who dissociate and are afraid of the intensity of their memories.

Flash is fast, effective, and easy to learn for therapists, and significant reductions in disturbance often happen in as few as 15 minutes. After attending this webinar, participants will be able to apply what they have learned and begin using the Flash technique immediately in their psychotherapy practices. Additionally, they will be able to recognize and address many of the clinical difficulties that can sometimes arise.


  • Immediate Free Access to video of the previous Flash Technique webinar
  • Live demonstrations with volunteer attendees
  • Q & A, both written and live
  • Videos of Flash Technique sessions
  • Group practicums in which all attendees experience the Flash Technique
  • Troubleshooting instructions
  • Why the Flash Technique works, including a review of the most relevant research


  • Be prepared to use the Flash Technique immediately
  • Get the kind of powerful results your colleagues are reporting
  • A set of downloadable documents to reinforce what you have learned
  • Access to a cutting edge listserv of over 4000 Flash Technique specialists
  • Place yourself on the World Map of Flash Technique professionals so that clients who need you can zoom in and find you

Attendees will be able to:

  1. Explain 3 features of the Flash Technique that are associated with the Flash Technique involving less distress during processing.
  2. Describe the current literature supporting the use of the Flash Technique as an evidence-based intervention.
  3.  List the 5 steps of the Flash Technique protocol.
  4. Describe 5 common issues that may arise and can hinder Flash processing if not addressed.
 RICH AND ENGAGING EXPERIENCE.  By the end of this webinar, you will have seen at least 6 Flash Technique sessions of five to fifteen minutes each, some involving troubleshooting.  You will come to understand the mechanisms that we believe account for the powerful results that the Flash Technique produces, and you will have had the opportunity to experience the Flash Technique yourself.

DESIGNED TO FIT YOUR NEEDS. If the next webinar is not convenient, or you don’t have a six hour block available to attend, or you can’t imagine staying engaged – let alone entertained – for 6 hours,  We have some options designed specifically for you.

DO IT YOUR OWN WAY.  You can watch the entire webinar or only as many live hours as you are able. At another time complete watching the recorded video of the webinar or of the previous webinar.


This format has allowed us to successfully train over 13,000 therapists, worldwide over the past few years in the use of the Flash Technique. Here are some of their comments:

“Terrific. Very positive experience!”
“Super exciting and easy to implement.”
“Excited to use with my clients.”
“The best class I have ever taken.”

*This course is pending approval for 6 hours of EMDR UK CPD credits. (Dr. Philip Manfield is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor Continuing Education for psychologists. Dr. Philip Manfield maintains responsibility for this program and its contents.)

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Continuing Education Credits

With CPD credit: £110, Without CPD credit: £100