Current Published Research About the Flash Technique

Flash Technique – Four Case Examples

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. Flash Technique group protocol for highly dissociative clients in a homeless shelter: A clinical report.

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Journal of EMDR Practice and Research, 13(1), 20–31. Find it here.

Flash Technique for safe desensitization of memories and fusion of parts in DID: Modifications and resourcing strategies.

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Flash Technique in a Scalable Low-Intensity Group Intervention for COVID-19 Related Stress in Healthcare Providers

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A model for the Flash Technique (FT) based on working memory and neuroscience research.

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Investigation of the effect single session of" Flash Technique" at a group.

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Current Research Seeking Publisher

Preliminary Evidence of the Acceptability, Safety, and Efficacy of the Flash Technique, (four studies with 18 month follow-up)

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The effects of FLASH 2.0 vs an abbreviated EMDR protocol on the emotionality of aversive memories. RCT In preparation.

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Computer Flash (Flashpro)

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RCT Comparing Group Flash and G-TEP presented in June at EMDR Europe Conference

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Another study of group Flash is accepted for publication by an Israeli journal. (TBA)