Trauma Relief for Pandemic Healthcare Workers

Next Free Online Session: December 4th from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm Pacific Time.

Free Group Session to Provide Relief from Pandemic-related Memories

Thank you for inquiring about the free webinar we are offering.

Many health care providers are experiencing increased symptoms as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.  An over-taxed health care system, inadequate protections for staff, as well as poor outcomes for many patients, often combine to create overwhelming distress for health care workers. 

In a one-hour session, participants are invited into a process that aims to reduce the effects of disturbing memories and/or experiences. This process has been shown to produce long-lasting relief for the majority of participants in a single hour.


This free webinar will take place on December 4th from noon to 1:00 pm PST in a Zoom session.

Here’s what to expect:

When you participate, you will be asked to identify a memory or experience that was and still is disturbing and to rate the distress on a scale from 0 -10. Then, participants will be instructed not to intentionally think about the disturbing memory or experience any further. Instead, the workshop leader will invite them to think of a memory or experience that feels safe and pleasurable. Using this positive image or memory, participants will be guided through a series of steps that are designed to reduce the intensity of disturbance connected to their painful memory or experience.


The process is entirely private. Participants will not be asked to share either their memories or experiences. 

Your participation will help others:

This experience of Flash Technique for health care providers with pandemic related memories is being provided free as part of a research program. Participants must agree to have their results used in the research study. To provide this data, on-screen polls during the one-hour session will be used to collect data about the effectiveness of the process. In addition, you will receive a follow-up email one month later asking you to rate how stable your results have been.

The particular goal of this event is to provide relief to health care providers impacted in their work by Covid-19. Although we are permitting a limited number of psychotherapists to participate, we will not be offering instruction about how to use this technique clinically.

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